Andisheh Legal Consultancy - About Us
Saturday, 14 October 2017 22:54

Who we are?

Andisheh Legal Firm is a combination of expertise, knowledge and experience. Our lawyers are qualified to appear in every courts of Iran while their international working background and education enables them to represent clients through international dispute resolutions besides litigation i.e.: mediation and arbitration.

Our lawyers have years of experience of working as in-house council of by the most reputable multi-national corporates and are quiet familiar with the international standards and requirements aligned with the local regulations.

Our corporate services include company establishment, employment law, IP and trade mark infringement as well as compliance.

Our lawyers are expert in drafting, reviewing and negotiation the contract process and assist the clinets with the best quality of the service.

While we represent the clients in the litigation process we always consider the court as the ultimate option and advise on other dispute settlement methods beingless costly and time consuming.

We have an exceptional team of tax advisors that have more than three decades of experience in advising and handling the tax related cases. Our tax advisors are the chartered accountants familiar with the tax, accounting and book keeping regulations, techniques and procedures and provide the clients with the highest quality tax solution. When it comes to tax dispute settlement, our tax advisors assist and represent clients in front of the Special Tax hearing committees.

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