If you want to sett up a new business in Iran ,  the first step is to establish a suitable legal entitiy to conduct your business afairs , but it might be a challenge too when being presented  with so many options and confronted with different sets of rules and regulations in a country different than your own , how ever our team members can assist you with choosing the best type of the company in accordance with your business needs and are able to give you our full soppurt in documentation and legal process . 

There are several company types in Iran , some of them more used than the others , to help you have a better perespective of company types , below is a brief over view for the ones that are used most :

Private Joint Stock:

Consists  of minimum three shareholders and board members , minimum capital for this company is IRR 1,000,000 and the Liability of the shareholders is  limited to the registered capital , easily the most used type of company  in Iran and used for both small and big businesses  , the one major restriction set for this type of company is that it shares cant be sold via stock market . 

Public Joint Stock :

Consists of of minimum five shareholders and board members. minimum capital for this company is IRR 1,000,000  and the Liability of the shareholders is  limited to their  registered capital . If listed , its shares of this company can be sold via stock market and this its major difference from private joint stock company . 

Limited Liability Co. (Ltd.):

Consists of of minimum two shareholders and board members minimum capital IRR 1,000,000 Liability of the shareholders limited to the registered capital , one major restriction set upon this company is , that share holders can not transfer their shares without the consent of other share holders and requires going through some additional  administrative and notary rocedures . 

Operating License:

Not all the fields of activity requires obtaining the operating license but obtaining one will give the investors additional soppurt from the government  and also benefits them in so many ways in some areas of activities , for more information please do not hesitate to contact us to assess the needs and requirments of operating license. 


If you are not so keen on your company owning and obtaining real state , and wish to be seen as an extension of a foriegn company in Iran , setting up a branch is the best option for you , however branch has some restrictions , as its scope of activities is restricted or as mentioned before cant own real state properties . 

Free-zone Establishment:  

Operating in free-zones is usually deemed a tax haven yet some restriction and particular circumastances needs to be considered. For more information regarding free zones and their legal requirment please do not hesitate to contact us . 


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