No matter how diligent people are in setting up their business and choosing their partners , disputes are inseparable part of the business , most clients wish their cases to be handled through negotiations in these cases our team members can be of great help which will not only swifter than court procedure but also will save the client court expenses and there for is a lot cheaper.

Based on Iran legal system there are many ways to settle a dispute which the most important ones are: 

1. Litigation:

The litigation process of Iran remains in the sole authority of the courts divided based on the nature of the case in different sectors as such civil, penal and family courts. 

The Civil and Commercial cases and procedures are based on Civil code and very common to the Roman- German jurisdiction, quiet familiar to the western procedures, while the penal and family code are in principal Shariaa Law and driven from the legal foundation of Islamic regulations. 

OUR Litigation Service: 

In Andisheh  our lawyers are qualified to take complex cases to trial and attend at every level of the court. The Firm has a team of highly skilled attorneys who have years of court experience.

Although selective about commencing a litigation process, we pursue each case carefully to ensure utmost interest of our clients through the entire process. 

Prior to litigation, we perform a thorough analysis and risk mitigation of the potential claims and damages before recommending that our clients initiate litigation or pursue a lead plaintiff position. 

If we believe chance of wining a case is weak, we will not hesitate to recommend against litigation even if the client has a relatively large loss. 

In a stronger case or a case in which a client has a special interest, we may recommend to litigate even if its losses are relatively small.

We offer litigation consultation programs which are designed to reduce risk while improving the flow and management of critical cases. 


  • Provide case analysis and risk plan
  • Develop cost estimates to support excess burden claims.
  • Identify, forensically collect and analyze data.
  • Oversee processing, review and production.
  • Provide strategic discovery advice to in-house counsels.

2. Alternative Dispute settlement: 

As a sworn in- attorney, we are committed to invite the parties to settle their disputes amicably and outside of the courts. 

Amicable solution resulted to a final settlement signing-off regardless of the process, is an acceptable method of settlement and respected as a binding decision by any court or authorized body. 

Furthermore, the parties of a dispute are always entitled to choose mediation of arbitration even though it was not recognized as dispute settlement method at the time of arrangement/ agreement. 

Arbitration is a very respected procedure in legal system of Iran complied with the International conventions when it comes to award enforcement. 

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