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One of the most important regulations that can be considered when discussing the possible securities provided to the Foreign Investors is the “Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act”- FIPPA.

Under this law and with the support received from the responsible authority subsidiary to the ministry of Finance , The FIPPA  license grants foreign investors the same rights, protections

and facilities available to local investors.

Obtaining the FIPPA license will enable the foreign investor to act in every field where private sector is allowed to even with 100% ownership of the shares.

In addition to the above the law provides the “Investment Security” by protection against expropriation and / or nationalization of the capital in general.

Furthermore, the holder of FIPPA license can also benefit from the provisions to ensure free transfer of foreign capital and profits of original investment.

As additional facilities provided by the government to the foreign investor is the option of residence and work permits for the company personnel and their close relatives for the duration of three years directly facilitated under the organization.

Who can apply for the FIPPA License?

Any foreign investor defined as either non-Iranian or Iranians who utilizes the capital of foreign origin is entitled to apply for the relevant investment license.

Foreign capital can be determined in any type including but not limited to cash into Iran or know- how transferred or trade mark royalty fee.

What is the process? 

In brief, in order to obtain the FIPPA license, an application has to be made to the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) and such license will be granted upon meeting certain criteria and based on the submitted business plan and feasibility studies.

With our experiences, knowledge of  the law, process  and the requirements, we can advise and assist you during the process A-Z. 


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