Oneworld Ltd

Established in 1986, our Oneworld Ltd is now one of the leading advisory, corporate and business services firms in Cyprus, with offices in Nicosia, Limassol and associated offices in key business centres of the world.

At Oneworld, we provide financial and business solutions to corporate and private clients. We offer incorporation, management, banking, redomiciliation services, as well as setting up and administering private funds and trusts. We also render international tax advice, financial advisory accounting and payroll, VAT and customs, corporate finance and other pertinent services.

Our global residence team, in conjunction with associates worldwide can make available our boutique services covering citizenship applications, tax immigration and citizenship law, international private law and estate structuring.

We aim to provide each client with innovative solutions to problems and the fresh ideas upon which true success depends. Like our clients, we maintain the highest professional standards, code of conduct and integrity. 

Our affiliatedOne Plus Capital ltd is licensed by CySEC, the Cyprus financial regulator, to provide asset management, investment advice, brokerage, corporate finance and forex services in Cyprus and the EU.

Our Oneworld MidEast ltd in Dubai provides corporate, business and boutique services including tax residency in UAE, an acknowledged international financial centre.

Our Services

·       Corporate and Trust

·       Financial Advisory

·       Business Advisory

·       Tax and Legal

·       Global Citizenship

·       UAE Desk in Cyprus

Why Cyprus

Cyprus offers unique tax opportunities: the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU, a network of favourable double tax treaties, no capital gains on profits from shares and securities and exemption of taxes on foreign dividends received and paid out. A truly significant International Business Centre.

At the beginning of August 2015, the governments of Cyprus and Iran signed a Double Tax Treaty. With the lifting of international sanctions against Iran, Cyprus is now uniquely positioned to act as a gateway for investments both into and from Iran.

Incentives for locating a business in Cyprus include:

·        Favourable taxation which includes, inter-alia, 12,5% corporation tax, low personal income tax and no capital gains tax on the sale of shares and securities

·        A prosperous and resilient economy enjoying long-term stability and growth

·        Member of the EU and a gateway for the movement of goods inside and outside the EU

·        Skilled work force, qualified and multilingual

·        Excellent infrastructure providing easy access by air and sea

·        Low set-up and operating costs

·        Simplified procedures for obtaining requisite permits

·        A fine place to live and work in, with pleasant climate and high quality of life

·        Non-domicile advantageous regime

·        Exemptions from income tax for highly salaries expatriates working in Cyprus

Use of Cyprus in International Structures: The Cypriot tax system provides to investors:

·        Only 12,5% corporation tax, the lowest rate in the EU

·        Exemption from tax of dividend income, in most cases

·        Exemption from tax on profits from foreign Permanent Establishment (PE), in most cases

·        Exemption from tax on profits generated from transactions in shares, securities, bonds and units

·        Exemption from withholding tax on the repatriation of income either in the form of dividends, interest and on almost all royalties

·        Extensive double tax treaty network

·        Access to EU Directives

·        No thin capitalisation rules

·        Absence of Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules, thus exempting foreign income received

·        Flexible reorganization rules and group relief provisions


Cyprus for Iranian Business:Our publication deals with opportunities and structures through Cyprus which are tax efficient for Iranian business.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment:  The Cyprus government announced on 13 September 2016 a revised set of criteria for granting the Cypriot citizenship. In fact, the investment threshold has been reduced significantly thus enabling more foreign investors to take advantage.

Non-Domiciled Residency in Cyprus:Many consider Cyprus today as being the most tax efficient jurisdiction for wealthy entrepreneurs and HNWIs. Cyprus has adopted a non-dom tax resident program which is tax efficient and for which there are no minimum number of days to spend in Cyprus. Under the Cyprus non-dom tax rules, tax resident individuals non-domiciled in Cyprus enjoy complete exemption from Cyprus taxes on dividends, interest and rental income. They are also exempt from any income to be received from any part of the world.

Second Passports and Residence:We are able to advise for second passports in the Caribbean, in Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, and Antigua. Second passports enable freedom of movement, ensure capital assets are protected and business and family are safe. In addition, we advise and can arrange residence (naturalization) in countries which offer attractive residence programs in the EU, the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Asia.




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