What is a family court? And when do we file a case in family courts of Iran? 

Basically family court is part of civil courts of Iran but it deals with family cases which by itself is large area of legal frame work of Iran, as family laws are categorized as following:

  • Civil code family section
  • Family law of Iran
  • Guardianship laws

Basically, family courts in Iran mostly deal with divorce cases, custody and request for alimony, but other following cases can also be referred to family courts:

  • Proof of linguae cases
  • Adaptation cases
  • Request for meeting children
  • Declaration of insolvency in alimony cases
  • Child support and family support cases

Are plaintiff or claimant to face any particular challenges?

Like other courts and codes in Iran both family codes and regulations and also the court are hybrid being which means that they are a complex combination of sharia law and civil codes of Europe, which makes maneuvering between them difficult and time and money consuming, often time petitions are rejected over trifle matters leaving the claimant frustrated and angry.

Also some the cases in family court overlaps with penal court keep that in mind that refusal to pay alimony and child support are both considered to be a crime and are punishable with incarceration and sometimes lengthy jail time .

With all the above concerned it is our advice to have a competent legal team at your side and make sure to avoid legal challenges.