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Manage your business risks with our customised due diligence services for your international trades, investments, business partners, suppliers, employees and clients.

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  • Background Check
  • Public Registry Search
  • Media Scanning
  • Sanctions Check

How to choose an attorney in Iran? 

Attorneys in Iran are those law graduates who have passed Iran Bar Association exam and internship and are qualified lawyers. Only attorneys are authorised to represent clients at any court or legal similar legal procedure.

Any qualified lawyer in Iran is a permanent member of the Iran Bar Association and is assigned with an operating license.

Legal Trainees are also member of the Bar Association and are allowed to represent clients to the limited extent of authority and under supervision of the supervisor attorney.

Power of Attorney

Attorneys can represent their client with any court or administration only if the power of attorney is signed and tax stamped. The power of attorneys are prepared in three copies by the Bar Association and should be filled out by both parties acting as the power of attorney and the contact between the lawyer and the client.

It is the duty of the lawyer to make sure that the Client holds one copy of the signed and filled out PoA.

Attorneys are authorised to verify the authenticity of their client signature.