Labor& Employment  Law 

Labour Law Services

The workplace in Iran is regulated by the labor code and the applicable regulations, however it has become very complicated legal environment due to different procedures and frequent changes to those laws.

Dozens of acts and directives, advisory legal opinion issued by labor ministry, Judicial precedent of high admin court, Occupational Safety and Health laws and regulations, etc. has created a sets of guidelines on employment procedures which impact both employers and employees.

To ensure you are acting compliant to all various regulations, it is important that you engage an experienced employment lawyer regarding all workplace-related issues.

We provide a wide range of labour law services to employees and employers. As part our labour law services, we ensure that our clients stay up to date with any changes in legislation that will affect their labour relations.

Representing Employers

Labor law of Iran has tried to address some major phases of the employment: hiring, training, working conditions, paying, disciplining, and terminating however details of all theses stages and many other phases that are common challenge to many companies has remained un-told or the answer can be found through interpretation of other regulations.

How do employers, especially small to medium-sized companies,are able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of employment law and with such level of un-transparency in rules?  How do employers ensure that their employment decisions will not get them into hot water with the long and complicated procedure of labor courts?

Any qualified and experienced corporate attorney will tell you that preventative advice and counselling is the best way for employers to keep from possible labor law violation.

Our attorneys work closely with employers and human resource professionals to help them understand the basics of employment law and keep their businesses safe as much as possible.

Our law firm advises businesses of all types and sizes on the following matters:

  • Employment contracts, including confidentiality agreements and non-compete clauses,
  • Termination grounds and procedure,
  • Employee handbooks and internal policies,
  • Health, Safety and Environment legal compliance and risk assessment,
  • Wage and working-hour laws,
  • Sexual harassment complaints,

Labor bureau hearing:  

If claims made against your company, we are experienced in employment litigation, and our attorneys can represent you in hearings at all stages including High Admin Court of Iran.

With our expertise regarding both sides of the employment relationship, we provide our clients with a distinct advantage in representation since we understand how the opposing party will argue.