How to file a case in penal courts of Iran? And how to defend yourself in Penal courts of Iran?

When dealing with penal courts in Iran one has to be aware that in Iran penal code is written under influence of both European laws and Islamic sharia, in this regard penal code in categorized as following:

General regulation concerning responsibilities, the age of maturity ETC.

Specific regulations concerning each crime and its punishment.

How to defend myself in Iran’s penal courts? 

Bear in mind that it is best to attain acquittal in office of public prosecutor and before the indictment in issued, but in case you have been charged in the office of public prosecutor your case will be sent in the appropriate court and there it will be decided.

Are all the penal regulations in Iran mentioned in the penal code? 

No, it is of outmost importance to remember that the penal code of Iran serves as guild and basic for other regulations and there other laws and related regulation dealing with punitive measures, such as law of electronic and cyber-crimes, also it must be noted some of the criminal and responsibilities are mentioned in commercial code of Iran (articles governing companies, HSE, and general manager responsibilities), so it is not possible to have full knowledge of penal laws and regulations of Iran even if someone has access to penal code of Iran.

Why should I have a legal support in case of filing a penal case?

While filing an official complaint is very cheap (in comparison with civil courts) and perhaps less time consuming it is also that much easier to be rebuffed by authorities since often time people misjudge the nature of an action, or the type of offence and the other party can easily obtain an acquittal and then refer to principal of prohibition of retrial (Non- bis Idem) and easily evade punishment.

On the other hand if someone is charged with an accusation it must not be taken lightly often time punitive measures in Iran are severe and one found guilty might face lengthy jail time or other severe punishments.

Given the all above, we strongly suggest to have a legal team in dealing penal courts of Iran, a team who have up to dated knowledge of penal code and also can confer with their client in another language.